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Capricorn is the last of the Earth Signs. It is Cardinal (Initiating) in nature and ruled by the planet Saturn. It's sign is that of the mountain goat. Capricorn is a sign that is very much connected with the material realm we live in. For Capricorns the world is a serious place and there are traditions and rules and structures that are to be abided by. It is his or her job to ascend these structures through dilligence and their own hard work and most often they do just that. For them tradition is important and all that a society has built over the generations. A person needs to earn the respect of a Capricorn by demonstrating they will put in the required effort and be reliable and trustworthy. A Capricorns motto is 'as you sow so shall you reap.'

There is a saying in Astrology that as Capricorns get older they become more youthfull. Indeed if you look at a Capricornian child chances are he will look old beyond his years at an early age. He is likely to be burdened with lots of responsibilities around the home. Often the child becomes a parent to the rest of the family. Only as he grows older can he begin to relax and take his responsibilities with a lighter touch as he begins to master some of the challenges he finds in the material world. Even facially Capricornians can start to look younger as they age. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. The Planet Saturn rules another sign Aquarius. Saturn has two faces. One of the faces looks inwards to the personal inner planets. The other looks outwards to the cosmos beyond to the transpersonal outer planets. The inner looking face is the aspect that rules Capricorn. It does not let a person go off into wild fantasies and dreams, as epitomised by Aquarius, rather it focuses the mind on the day to day responsibilities and duties of the individual. Indeed Saturn is known as the Gatekeeper at the Edge. A Person cannot pass by it, to the dreams that lie beyond, until he has proved himself worthy of these things by putting in his own effort.

The time of Capricorn is right at the height of Winter in the Western World. This is a time when people have to survive on meagre sunlight and everything is dormant under the ground. It is indeed a tough time, quite the opposite of the exuberant spring. In this way the sign is a hardy sign. Capricorns are quite self reliant and being a Cardinal sign they initiate and drive new projects and ideas themselves. Much like the Mountain Goat that is their sign, they survive on a scarcity of outside help and often they find it hard to let in affection.

Capricornians in their best state are some of the most honest, trustworthy , reliable and hard working people you could ever wish to meet. They can be full of integrity and principles. For them their word means everything and they stick to doing what they promise. However they have a problem in that they are bound so heavily to this physical world. The gravity of Saturn which is associated with time and cycles and materiality has an extra hold upon them. They can't break free of the world they live in to dream of better things or to simply trust and let go and let a greater force carry them. Capricornians have to see to everything themselves and although this is a great asset it is their greatest failing too. Ultimately no person can control the world and we are all reliant upon each other and a greater force that oversees each person. For Capricornians they just can't let go and as a result they tend to worry about each and every thing. For a Capricorn to lose his status or his job or to have his reputation tainted is tantamount to death for this is their very life. Ultimately a Capricorn can break free form this trap but it is never easy for them, the material world calls them so strongly.

Capricornians with their ethic of hard work often rise to the top of businesses and large corporations. For them it is no problem to work late into the evenings and all weekend. They also make good financial advisors and property tycoons. The Shadow sign of Capricorn is the person obsessed with money and the material realm, who can see nothing else but his business, who trusts no one or no higher purpose, and often loses everything else in the process. Just think of Ebeneezer Scrooge and you'll get the picture.

Capricornian energy will modify the expression of the planet that may lie in this sign. See How It Works section. With Saturn in Capricorn, the qualities of Saturn such as structure and discipline will just be enhanced. People with this may be very materialistic, practical and grounded but they may also see everything in black and white and be unduly concerned with status and may be strongly bound to the materialistic world. With the Moon in Capricorn , a person will have trouble expressing their needs and emotional nature. They may appear cold and reserved. For them a solid structure and routine may be what they need to satisfy their inner needs. With Venus in Capricorn , a person will be attrracted to tradition and wealth and possibly to a partner who is much older than themselves.

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Planets in the sign of Capricorn
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